Rudaí 23: Thing 23

Making it all work together

From the outlook, Hootsuite appears to be an excellent tool for the likes of academic libraries where there has been an increase in the use of social media to try and get students engaging with the library. I created a Hootsuite account and added my own Twitter account Facebooks account to it. I find Hootsuite a bit difficult to use. I don’t find it clear when it comes to scheduling posts. Whenever I’ve tried to schedule a post for some time in the future, it posts immediately. I am sure I’m doing something wrong and it’s something I have to learn to do properly. A couple of Fridays ago I tried to schedule a Facebook and a Twitter post about Library Ireland Week in the library to be posted out the following Monday in a rush and only found out later that it posted immediately.

As I’m so wary of Hootsuite, I decided to look briefly at TweetDeck to see if I find it more user friendly. I scheduled a Tweet for the same time tomorrow and I’m happy to say that it worked. However, it doesn’t provide as much scope as Hootsuite so I think in the long run, it might be better to figure out how to use Hootsuite.

I work in an academic library in the information and research support team. There is a good demand for the use of social media and it’s a really important to keep students and staff members up to date with goings on of the library. Up until very recently, I updated Facebook for the information and research and a colleague regularly updated Twitter. However, as my colleague has gone on leave, using something like Hootsuite would be much more efficient.

I really like that you can view the mentions and retweets in different columns, it makes it much easier to see how much your social media account is being used.

I would like to thank to all the organisers of Rudaí for coordinating this course. It has been great to participate in the course and it’s also been great to read other participants’ blogs.


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